I am very pleased to introduce two new Directors for the AvSuper Trustee Board.

Stuart Brades and Stephen Merlicek are our newest Directors. The AvSuper Trustee Board consists of nine Directors, comprised equally of independent, member-nominated and employer-nominated representatives.

Stuart was nominated by the ACTU. He is an Air Traffic Controller in the Perth Tower and is Vice President Finance for the Civil Air Operations Officers Association of Australia. Stuart holds a number of qualifications including a Masters of Professional Accounting and a Bachelor of Science – Computing Science.
Stephen was appointed as an Independent Director following an open recruitment process. He is an experienced Director and finance executive and has held the position of Chief Investment Officer with both IOOF and Telstra Super. Stephen holds a Bachelor of Economic (Honours) and a Masters of Commerce.

On behalf of the AvSuper Trustee Board and staff, I welcome Stephen and Stuart, and and the knowledge and experience that they bring to the Board. We look forward to working with them on behalf of all of our members.

Ben Firkins
Chair AvSuper