Whilst most of us are staying at home and doing the right things, there are some unscrupulous people trying to take advantage of the current pandemic.

With additional early release laws to help people during COVID-19, we want to remind our members to be vigilant with your online security and your AvSuper account. If you are not sure about the super rules or what someone tells you, please refer to our website or call us directly for assistance.

Some reminders to help keep your super in your control:

  • to access super under the COVID-19 early release rules, you must log into your MyGov account (or call the ATO If you don’t have one). Anyone calling to arrange this for you or charge you a fee to apply for the early release is suspicious
  • if you receive a message from the ATO or AvSuper confirming an early release payment without you having applied for it, reply to the ATO with ‘NO” and let us know as soon as possible
  • be cyber smart with your account – check our security fact sheet for tips like updating passwords regularly
  • don’t give out details about your super or bank accounts, or your TFN, to unknown callers. No one legitimate will ask you for your MyGov or Member Online passwords and access information
  • log into Member Online periodically and check your transaction history to be sure all is as it should be
  • keep in touch with us and make sure we have your current contact details so we can check any unexpected activity in your account

As always, if you have any questions about your AvSuper account, please contact us by email, ask us to call you or call 1300 128 751 and leave a message.

Michelle Wade
Chief Executive Officer