Welcome to our investment performance update as we head towards the end of financial year.

The following tables summarise our performance against each of the options’ investment objectives.

The Growth (MySuper) Option moved into 2nd quartile position compared to other super funds during the March quarter. Performing at 18.9% on a one year basis to 30 April 2021, this option achieved well above its target objective of 4.7%.

For income streams, the Stable Growth Option achieved above median results and held its 2nd quartile position against other super funds. This option returned 12.0% on a one year basis to 30 April 2021, well above our target objective at 3.7%.

Driving AvSuper performance

Underlying portfolio manager changes in 2020 made a positive impact to performance thus far. This is part of our continuous improvement and best practice for member outcomes.  Further, AvSuper is about to undergo a full Investment review, with the results expected to be in our August update to members.

Stock-markets around the world have rebounded sharply after the initial Covid-19 lockdown and falls in March 2020. Accordingly, AvSuper anticipates giving its members a positive result for 30 June 2021, especially with the current trajectory of market movement.

Do you know about our Diversified Index Option?

AvSuper’s Diversified Index option was established in July 2019 following member requests for a low cost index option. Based on a 70% growth and 30% defensive composition, this option is intended to track the index of the major markets globally, the Australian stock-market, the Australian Bloomberg AusBond Composite Index and the Bank Bill index.

Our Diversified Index option now has a performance track record and has returned 16.4% for the rolling twelve months to 30 April 2021.

Diversified Index returns to 30 April 2021

It is designed for members who are seeking indexed market returns with low fees and can tolerate high levels of volatility in the short term.

At an investment cost of 0.06% pa, this option will closely match the index returns for Australian, global and fixed income markets, noting that the risk band is high due to the volatile nature of returns.

What else can you do?

You can keep your AvSuper savings strategy on track by

  • reviewing your investment mix – remember we have nine options to choose from and there is no fee to switch options. You can choose different options for your savings and future transactions to best suit your needs and circumstances
  • stay in touch with investment news – read our monthly commentary and fact sheets
  • talk to our friendly member service team about AvSuper and your investment options
  • book a time with our qualified financial planners to ensure your investments are working towards your financial goals