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Personalised financial planning advice for AvSuper members

For information about the transfer of AvSuper members to the Australian Retirement Fund, see avsuper.com.au/merger-partner

We established AvSuper Advice to ensure our members have access to comprehensive information and professional advice services to ensure they can make the right decisions about their retirement savings, taking into account their individual personal circumstances – no matter how far off retirement may seem today!

AvSuper’s advice consultants are qualified, professional financial advisers able to assist you with specific personal advice needs related to AvSuper in particular, and superannuation and retirement planning in general. You can get advice tailored to you and your needs from people who understand your super arrangements, how to put members’ interests first and who take the time to get to know you and your financial objectives. We remain a profit-for-members Fund, and we do not give commissions or bonuses to our advisers.

Our consultants will meet with all members looking for advice, either in person, online or by phone.

AvSuper – profit-for-members, no commissions paid, members first.

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There are 3 simple steps to get AvSuper financial advice…

  1. Fill in a fact finder, to help us know your circumstances and needs
  2. Get in touch – maybe we can help you straight away with simple questions
  3. Book an appointment to talk to us about your finances

How we can help YOU!

Advice from AvSuper’s Member Advice Consultants might be just what you need to help your super take off – and land safely in retirement!

General advice

Get factual answers to quick questions, usually on the spot.
We are ready to help!

Personal AvSuper advice

Discuss your AvSuper account options (investments options and insurance) for your circumstances

Personal retirement advice

Advice about retirement, allowing for your financial situation including Centrelink entitlements

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Working with a financial adviser

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Building more super

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Transfer Balance Cap for income streams

A Government imposed maximum balance (known as a transfer balance cap) for Australian Income Streams was introduced on 1 July 2017. The cap is $1.7 million but this amount will be indexed in line with CPI in $100,000 increments for…