About AvSuper Advice

For information about the transfer of AvSuper members to the Australian Retirement Fund, see avsuper.com.au/merger-partner

AvSuper Advice is a service to help AvSuper members make the most of their superannuation and retirement.

Along with offering financial planning advice to members through individual appointments, AvSuper Advice provides information about financial planning, investments and AvSuper on this website.

AvSuper Advice is provided by the AvSuper Trustee and acts under the AvSuper licensing, Trust Deed and company details. The AvSuper Advice website was launched in mid 2018 and is constantly expanding with additional resources and information.

AvSuper – profit-for-members, no commissions paid, putting members first

About AvSuper

AvSuper operates on a profit-for-members basis, offering outstanding service and low fees to members, strong long term investment performance and doesn’t pay commissions to financial advisors.

AvSuper opened membership to the general public from 1 July 2005 and currently has more than 6,600 members and $2.1 billion funds under management, including over $180 million in Income Stream assets.

AvSuper Pty Ltd is the Trustee of the AvSuper Fund (see below for all relevant authorisation and registration numbers). The Fund is managed by the the Trustee Board. As a regulated superannuation fund under the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act, AvSuper qualifies for all relevant taxation concessions.

You can read more about the Fund:

Trustee – AvSuper Pty Ltd ABN 46 050 431 797

AvSuper Fund ABN 84 421 446 069

Australian Financial Services Licensee Licence No. 239078

MySuper authorisation 84421446069940

RSEL No. L0000147

RSE No. R1000153