AvSuper Advice – How It Works for You

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Getting advice from an AvSuper Member Advice Consultant takes 5 little steps… and your super can take off!

Our advisers have your best interests at heart. It’s that simple.
And you have the control – after all, it’s YOUR future!

Why do I need this?

It’s hard to know what you don’t know, and financial decisions can be really tough. You need to know about risks, returns, portfolio composition and asset classes, as well as understanding the relevant legislation and tax implications. Then there is the emotional aspect of your money, your lifestyle and your future – and your family’s future.

So talking to a financial adviser can help make sense of your situation and thus make informed decisions. Together, you and the planner can identify suitable goals and objectives, and then plan and implement strategies so that these goals can be achieved.

AvSuper – profit-for-members, no commissions paid, putting members first

How it works…

Our consultants can help you understand and make decisions about your AvSuper membership. After chatting to you and collecting all relevant information, our Member Advice Consultant will analyse your situation and prepare a written statement of advice (SOA) outlining the options which we think best suit you.

Working with a planner…

Remember that you want a long term relationship with a financial planner, so be open and honest, and ensure you ask lots of questions to get things off to a great start.

Together, you will move through the following steps…

Step 1

Make a time

Book a time by  contacting us – we can meet in person, online (Zoom or FaceTime) or over the phone.

NOTE – in person appointments are always available in Canberra, and in other places periodically.

Step 2

Collate your information

The easy way to show us your financial situation is by collecting things like

  • bank statements
  • loan documents
  • tax returns
  • details of assets

Step 3

Meet your adviser

An AvSuper Member Advice Consultant will chat with you to establish your current financial situation and your goals. You can also ask questions.

Your adviser will then prepare your written advice.

Step 4

Implement the advice

Whatever the advice, it’s up to you if you implement it yourself, ask us to implement it, or some combination of the two.

We don’t charge to help with investment switches or contributions changes.

Step 5

Review your finances

Life and market changes can impact your finances, so we suggest you review

  • a strategy 5 yearly or during significant changes like retiring or starting a family
  • alignment to strategy every 12 months or so

Planning for your financial future

Appointments are available by phone or in person, at times to suit you.