Saving for Your Retirement

You have super, you’re working and your employer contributions are helping build your super, and you’re busy. We all know that whatever our intentions, work/career, kids, mortgage, marriage, family and friends all distract us from planning and thinking ahead to our long term goals.

At this stage of life, you have some time to save for retirement so now is a great time to take the time for a financial check up to ensure you have all bases covered and you are maximising your options. Book some time so it doesn’t get lost in the everyday rush – you’ll get peace of mind now and a grateful future self!

Building your super wealth

You’re working and have some money coming in, but how do you maximise your income and ensure there is enough put aside for your future?

AvSuper member advice consultants can help you with:

  • contribution strategies
  • understanding risk, diversification and how it suits your needs
  • consolidating your super

Protecting yourself – and your family

Money saved for retirement means nothing if you don’t care for yourself. So looking after your health is critical – and protecting your health and life with insurance is important, too.

AvSuper insurance is a safety net in case things go wrong – how big a net you need depends on your circumstances so there is no one size fits all answer.

Remember, there are 2.1 million working age Australians with a disability, the main age group for serious injuries in males is 20 -24, and that about 31% of fatal work injuries in 2016 were aged 25 to 45*. Illness and trauma can happen to young people, too.

Major life changes

Births, deaths, marriages and divorces – these are all major milestones in life, and all can have significant impacts on your financial situation.

As well as reviewing your finances when those milestones arrive, you can plan for them through estate planning and nominating beneficiaries.