Investing Your Super

You have super, you’re working and SG is building your super, but how you invest it is also important.

Investment choices

We can help you understand our investment options and which option (or combination of options) best suits your circumstances.

AvSuper member investment choice

  • there are no fees to switch options
  • you can investment in 1, some or all of our options at any time
  • you can invest across options proportionally or by specific dollar amounts
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When to change investment choices

While periodic reviews are a good strategy, you particularly want to consider changing your options if …

  • you become redundant or take a period away from paid work
  • you add a large amount to your super (such as a redundancy payout, downsizing contribution or inheritance)
  • you are planning to access the first home super scheme
  • you become more risk averse, such as when you start a family, get divorced or reach a milestone birthday
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