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Understanding your super

You probably know that super is a means of saving for retirement and that your employer makes contributions for most working Australians. But there is more to the story than that.

Each year, you receive a statement outlining your super balance and transactions for the previous financial year. It is worth reaidng it, and the acocmpanying annual report, when it arrives – and questioning anything that doens’t make sense to you.

And it’s worth making sure you understand all the contribution types – not just the compulsory employer contributions. For instance, you may be eligible for Government contributions or tax deductions

Why see a financial planner when you’re young?

The short answer is that the longer your money is invested, the more time there is for it to earn and benefit from compound interest. So getting advice when you’re young will maixmise the money you can save for retirement.

On top of that, while young, most of us don’t know a lot about super and investing so it is a great time to speak with an expert and learn at leats the basics.

Establishing a relationship with a planner when you are young could mean consistent, reliable advice throughout your working life and even into retirement. So really, the quetsion is why wouldn’t you meet with a financial planner when you’re young?

What can I ask about?

It’s ok to not know about super and the related choices!  Chat with our member advice consultants to find out your options and what impact you can have through little decisions – our team knows your super account and can guide you to the areas you control.

You can call us with simple questions (like what is a Co-contribution anyway? or how much life insurance do I get by default?) or more complex questions about your specific situation (such as which investment option is best for my money?).

Learn about investing

Having some of your own knowledge makes it easier to make good decisions and communicate with your adviser. AvSuper is committed to providing information so that you can easily understand the Fund’s investment arrangements and investment performance.