AvSuper Member Fact Find

The AvSuper Member Fact Find​ form is a means of collecting the relevant information to aid an AvSuper Member Advice Consultant review your current situation, before advising on future financial decisions. You can consider it as a check list of things the adviser will need to know.

Save a copy of the form, complete your details and then email it to us. Alternatively, you can print a copy and then send the completed form to us.

You may also want to complete our member risk profile before meeting with your adviser.

Important notes

All information gathered via this document and any subsequent interviews will be kept strictly private and confidential.

The Corporations Act 2001 requires that an adviser making financial recommendations must have reasonable grounds for making those recommendations. This means that an AvSuper adviser must conduct an appropriate investigation as to the financial objectives, situation and particular needs of the member. The information requested in this form will allow the adviser to provide recommendations to the AvSuper member and will be used solely for that purpose. We accept no liability for any advice given on the basis of inaccurate or incomplete information.

The AvSuper Privacy Notice and Financial Services Guide contain further information we recommend you read before making any decisions about AvSuper and AvSuper Advice.

By providing information about your spouse, an AvSuper Member Advice Consultant can better understand your financial situation and provide more tailored advice to suit your family’s requirements.

You may wish to get advice as a couple rather than as an individual – our Member Advice Consultants will work with you either way.

What is a spouse?

AvSuper recognises married, de facto and same sex partners as a spouse for all superannuation accounts.