Income Stream Health Checks

AvSuper Member Advice Consultants can review your income stream with you every year or so, just to ensure everything is on track and providing the best retirement for your situation.

Wondering how long you can live on your retirement savings or if you have enough?
What may look like a decent lump sum in your super account may not go as far as you think.

Why check on your income stream?

You probably put a lot of effort into making retirement decisions such as starting your Income Stream. But things change, including your Income Stream balance and health, so regular reviews of your savings is a good plan to keep everything on track for a financially secure retirement.

An AvSuper member advice consultant can help you with a health check to assess your Income Stream and how it can meet your goals.

Estimated standard living costs:

It is estimated that you need about $60,264** a year to live comfortably as a retired couple. Given that retirement could easily last 20 to 35 years, that is a lot of money you need to save while working if you want to live comfortably throughout retirement. And if you still have dependants or want to repay large debts (such as a mortgage) in retirement, you may have to plan for continued growth of your super savings to cover these costs.

Less than healthy results?

No one wants to hear bad news at a check up, but the soon you know there is a problem the more power you have to correct it.

If you want to take advantage of a “super health check”,
contact the AvSuper Member Advice Team
on 1300 128 751 to arrange a time

(the appointment can be done over the phone if you’re not in Canberra).

* Fees may apply for more complex advice
** Based on ASFA retirement standards for June 2018

Simply call or book online to arrange a time that suits you.