We are very pleased to announce members will be able to electronically access their accounts from our Canberra office as of today!

Ross Connors, Member Advice Consultant, at the AvSuper Kiosk!

Ross Connors at the AvSuper Kiosk!

There will be an iPad in our Canberra foyer (just across the plaza from Airservices Australia reception) so that members can log into Member Online to check their account or make some changes (such as an investment switch, insurance application or update contact details).

We expect this to be particularly useful for members without private access to a computer at work and those wanting help with using Member Online – our Member Advice Consultants can join you in the foyer to talk about accessing and managing your account.

So any time you are in Canberra, come along and check your account in our office, and say hello while you’re here!

Phone 1300 128 751 (Local call)