Following a comprehensive review and due diligence process, AvSuper’s Investment Committee is pleased to announce a new manager in our  Growth Alternatives portfolio, Bentham Asset Management.

Importantly, investing in Bentham’s syndicated loan fund provides for a well diversified exposure to a global syndicated loan market which typically proves equity like returns with a lower risk profile than investing directly in equities.

Syndicated loans (or bank loans or leveraged loans as they are also called) are made by banks to high rating companies and rank high in the capital structure of those companies which means greater security and lower risk while being supported by attractive yields across different industries, locations and issuers with an overall focus of generating stable income.

Bentham Asset Management has offices in Australia, New York and London. The Australian team has a strong track record of managing global diversified fixed interest portfolios and are well resourced with market leading risk portfolio systems.

Phone 1300 128 751 (Local call)