Investment Update – September 2023

In September, global financial markets experienced a significant shift, characterised by a slowdown in the fall of inflation and expectation of persistence of higher cash rates. While the suggestion is still that cash rates have likely peaked in key regions, the narrative has changed to "higher for longer". Markets responded [...]

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Investment Update – August 2023

In August 2023, global financial markets were volatile amid a complex and challenging environment. Concerns about inflation, central bank policies, and economic weakness in China combined to create uncertainty which made global shares fall in August. Economic data in the US remained solid, as job gains remained strong and retail [...]

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Investment Update – June 2023

Investment update for June 2023 Global stocks delivered positive returns in June which was supported by resilient economic growth and improved market sentiment. US equities performed well throughout the month, continuing from the strong rally over recent months. The US Federal Reserve kept interest rates unchanged which supported equity valuations. [...]

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Investment Update – May 2023

Investment update for May 2023 Global stocks produced a small negative return for the month of May, but there was material divergence in performance across regions and sectors. Volatility in markets was impacted by economic developments, expectations of future interest rate changes and news linked to the US debt ceiling. [...]

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Investment Update – April 2023

Investment update for April 2023 During the month of April, global stocks produced positive returns as economic growth was more resilient than expected. Despite experiencing further stress in the banking sector, financial markets were bolstered by more optimistic economic growth performance in April. US stocks overall produced positive returns, although [...]

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Investment Update – March 2023

Investment update for March 2023 In March, global stocks and bonds both produced positive returns. The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and broader concerns around the financial sector initially caused a sell-off in equities. In addition, market pricing reacted with an expectation of lower future interest rates, with a [...]

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Investment Update – February 2023

Investment update for February 2023 Stocks and bonds both produced negative returns over the month of February as investors reassess their expectations for both the peak in interest rates and the subsequent pace of rate cuts. News headlines are dominated by improving but still high inflation rates, the possibility of [...]

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Investment Update – January 2023

Investment update for January 2023 The first month of 2023 ended positively as stocks and bonds rose in both developed and emerging markets. The rally reflects some positive news after a year of large market movements including market expectations of cooling inflation, the Fed approaching the end of rate hikes, [...]

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Investment Update – December 2022

Investment update for December 2022 The month of December noted a selloff of risk assets. Stocks and bonds took heavy losses amid reignited fear that surging interest rates would spark a global recession. The primary drivers of financial market volatility throughout 2022 were central banks’ battle against inflation and the [...]

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Investment Update – November 2022

Investment update for November 2022 The month of November witnessed swings in market sentiment amid global crosswinds. Stocks and bonds both recovered some of the steep losses from earlier this year. News headlines include inflation rates, the likelihood of a recession, the ongoing Ukraine/Russia war, China reopening, and continued interest [...]

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