AvSuper uses external service providers to assist the Trustee with many functions of the Fund, including administration services. Such services include processing contributions to your account, making benefit payments and issuing member statements. From May 2008, AvSuper’s administration services will be provided by IBM SuperLife. IBM SuperLife replaces CitiStreet as the key service provider responsible for many aspects of administering your AvSuper account, under the supervision of the AvSuper Trustee.

The Trustee has considered this change very carefully, conducted detailed reviews of the new arrangement and of the new service provider, and is satisfied that IBM SuperLife has the capacity and capabilities to provide a high standard of administration services, now and in the future.

How does the change affect you as a member?

The good news is that, initially at least, you won’t experience any changes at all!

Contributions will still be processed to your account in the usual way, you will still be able to view your account online and so on. All of the changes are going on behind the scenes, under strict supervision and subject to rigorous testing controls to ensure all member data is correctly transferred to the new service provider.

Once the transition is complete however, we plan for you to experience some positive changes – faster processing to your account, and enhanced online functionality for example. We’ll contact you as we roll out these improvements to AvSuper in the future.

Michelle Griffiths
CEO, AvSuper Fund

Phone 1300 128 751 (Local call)