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Happy New Financial Year!

Each year, there is a Government set limit to how much you can contribute to your super via your employer. Known as the concessional contribution cap, this limit is increasing for 2021-22.

From 1 July 2021, the concessional contribution cap will be $27,500* for everyone.

This means that you may want to review your super strategy soon to avoid the tax penalties that come from exceeding the cap. In particular, it may change the value of salary sacrifice in your circumstances. This can be complicated to understand so remember that our Member Advice Consultants are able to work with you to assess your specific situation.

Did you know... AvSuper offers income streams that offer full investment choice to all eligible members? If you're looking at retirement now or within the next few years, speak to our Member Advice Consultants to develop a strategy and income stream that best suits YOUR circumstances and financial goals.

Simply call or email us to book an appointment if you would like some help with contribution amounts and understanding the limits - remember we can talk to you via phone, AvChat, Zoom/Face Time, or even in person.

As always, if you have any questions about your account or AvSuper in general, please call or email us.


Michael Sykes, AvSuper CEO

Michael Sykes
Chief Executive Officer

* For defined benefits, the cap is based on notional contributions and grandfathering provisions may apply

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