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Understanding what superannuation is based on (Ordinary Time Earnings)

July 2014

Most working Australians know that the Superannuation Guarantee (SG) means their employer pays a percentage of their Ordinary Time Earnings (OTE) into a super fund. The Government sets a minimum percentage but employers may pay more than that.

What are OTE?

OTE refers to money earned under normal circumstances, rather than overtime. For many people this is very simple and it’s easy to calculate your super liability for them.

However, if their pay consists of various elements, it is not quite as clear and the following table may help you understand what is and is not classified as OTE. Note that back pay is treated the same way for SG purposes.

OTE includes:


Awards & agreements

Usual hours, casual shift-loadings, over-award payments, piece-rates


Danger, retention, unconditional extra payment

Payment of expenses

Return to work (under workers compensation)

Leave payments

Annual, sick, long service


Performance, Christmas, ‘ex-gratia’ for ordinary hours


Commissions, Termination payments (in lieu of notice)


OTE excludes:


Over time amounts

Hourly rates, loadings, annualised rates, lump sum payments, casual employees (bandwidth clause or otherwise)

Payment of expenses

Reimbursements, unfair dismissal, petty cash, workers’ compensation (if not working)

Leave payments

Parental, jury duty, defence reserve service


For overtime


Termination payments (unused sick, annual or long service leave)

If you use another system of calculating SG payments, it must be at least equivalent to the minimum SG of OTE for each employee.


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