Insurance cover and inactive accounts

From 1 July 2019, insurance can only be associated with active superannuation accounts or with express consent of the member.

Any account that has no contributions received for 16 or more months is classed as inactive under the relevant laws.

Want to keep your insurance cover?

We understand that sometimes you don’t make contributions but want to keep your account and insurance cover going, such as when you take parental or study leave from work. So we will warn you before your account is inactive for 16 months and you can take action to enable your cover to continue while your account is inactive.

If you would like your AvSuper cover to continue even if it becomes inactive for a while, you can complete the following form to let us know. You can also keep your account active by taking any of the following steps:

  • nominate AvSuper as your fund for employer contributions – simply complete our Member choice form 
  • make a personal contribution to your account at any time – or get your spouse to make a spouse contribution to your account.
Electing to continue your AvSuper insurance

As a currently insured AvSuper member, you can elect to continue that insurance even if your account becomes inactive (ie receives no contributions for 16 months).

Please complete and submit this form; alternatively, you can print it and return it to us by mailing to PO Box 223, Civic Square, ACT, 2608, emailing or by faxing it to 02 6100 2799.

I understand that all other terms and conditions of AvSuper cover, including maintaining a minimum $1,200 balance, are unaffected by this election.

I understand that I can decrease or cease my insurance cover at any time.

I have read the AvSuper privacy notice and duty of disclosure (available from or by phoning 02 6109 6888).

Things to note about making an election to continuing your cover:

  • the election remains in place until your account becomes active or your insurance cover ends for any reason
  • all insurance terms and conditions, including your duty of disclosure and maintaining a $1,200 minimum balance, are not affected by this election
  • you can vary or end your cover at any time

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