Inactive low-balance accounts

Since 1 July 2019, any super accumulation account classed as inactive low balance as at 30 June or 31 December must be reported and paid to the Australian Tax Office (ATO) to work to consolidate with other accounts you may have.

Want to keep your AvSuper account?

We understand that sometimes you don’t make changes to your account but want to keep your AvSuper account going.

If your balance is near or under $6,000 and your account is inactive, the best way to keep your account open is to complete the following form. Alternatively, you can keep your account with AvSuper by taking any of the following steps:

Keeping your AvSuper accumulation account active

Please complete and submit this form; alternatively, you can print it and return it to us by mailing to AvSuper Admin, PO Box 1140, Wollongong DC, NSW 2500 or emailing

Maintain your AvSuper account


Please read the following statements and tick them to request your account remains active.

Please use our elect to maintain cover form if you are interested in keeping your insurance cover in an inactive account.

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