Super Questions

We have found there are six major questions for you to answer to prepare for your retirement with ease. This website and our Product Disclosure Statements include information to help you find your answers.

1. why join AvSuper?

AvSuper is a cost-effective way to save for your future, with personalised service, member benefits, strong long-term investment returns and simplified administration.

Membership is open to employees in every industry, self-employed people and non-working Australians over 18 years.

2. how much should I contribute?

Due to the magic of compound interest, every bit you add to your super increases your likely retirement income – even $20 a week can make a huge difference. Add in the potential tax savings, and it makes sense to contribute as much as you can! See our super contributions page for the various ways you can contribute to AvSuper.

3. how do I choose my investments?

Investment choice depends on your retirement needs, risk comfort and age.

AvSuper provides professionally managed investment options for you to choose from, as well as a member investment choice guide, informative fact sheets and personalised financial advice.

4. why include insurance with my super?

By insuring so many members, we can get group rates for you which generally means cheaper fees than you would get privately. Paying fees from your super also saves you paying for fees yourself. AvSuper offers members death, total and permanent disablement, and income protection insurance.

5. what about retirement?

Whether you stop work or reduce your working hours, you can stay with your AvSuper account or simply transfer it to an AvSuper income stream

6. how do I access my super savings?

Superannuation is a long term savings scheme, so generally you can only withdraw your money upon retirement. However, you may be able to withdraw your money early under certain circumstances.