Part of AvSuper’s commitment to members is to regularly review all our investments and investment managers to ensure they are benefiting members in an effective and prudent manner for the long term. A recent review has resulted in the appointment of Independent Franchise Partnership (IFP).

IFP is a global equities manager which aims to generate attractive investment returns while minimising business and valuation risk, using the purchase of franchise businesses as their tool. They seek strong business franchises with intangible assets that can’t be easily replicated with capital. The chosen franchises are positioned to meet customer needs for years or even generations.

The AvSuper Investment Committee believes that IFP’s portfolio of exceptionally high quality companies with a competitive advantage and a dominant intangible asset should earn good long-term returns with a below average absolute volatility.

IFP replaces Wellington as one of AvSuper’s international equities managers.


Michelle Griffiths
CEO AvSuper

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