Spotlight on AvSuper’s Investment Committee

AvSuper’s member-focussed approach means all investment decisions are made to increase your super assets for the lowest possible cost.

The key to our investment approach is disciplined monitoring of not only our current investment managers but also prospective new managers to ensure that they fit with AvSuper’s overall investment strategy and any particular circumstances pertaining to each of our investment options.

The Trustee has established an Investment Committee to assess investment strategy and investment manager performance, as well as to monitor various investment issues. They meet regularly to monitor economic conditions and investment markets, and are also responsible for performing rigorous due diligence reviews of all investments and investment managers both at the outset of an investment and through its life.

Factors taken into consideration include investment style and areas of expertise, operational resources, organisational strength, investment performance relative to our objectives and any other factors relevant to the manager’s continuing ability to meet the Fund’s investment objectives.

Our statement of investment beliefs outlines the guiding principals behind all of AvSuper’s investment decisions.

AvSuper’s highly experienced Investment Committee also uses the expertise of in house investment staff and other expert advisers such as Frontier Advisors.

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