Australian Shares Option

Inception date: 15 June 2010

Current assets as at 31 October 2023: $50.6m

AvSuper’s Australian Shares option is a specific asset class option – this means it in invested only in one type of asset, being Australian Shares (ie companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange).  By investing in Australian companies, AvSuper becomes a part owner of those companies and earns both dividends (profits distributed to shareholders) and changes in share values.

Find out more about our Australian share holdings here. 

Investment objectives

To achieve a return, after tax and fees, which exceeds the S&P / ASX 300 Accumulation Index over rolling ten-year periods.

Investment strategy

The Australian Shares option is designed to cater for choice members with a long term investment horizon (seven years or more) who are seeking Australian equity returns and can tolerate very high levels of volatility.

This option is focused on producing capital returns through exposure to Australian equities. This single class option is diversified by using a variety of investment styles and investment managers.

Asset Class Strategic allocation Range
Australian Shares 100% 100%

View a brief outline of the major asset classes AvSuper uses to diversify investments.

Investment profile

Share market investments can be very volatile over the short to medium term but historically, these investments have offered the highest long-term returns.

Standard Risk Measure
Risk band 7
Risk label of Very high
Expected frequency of negative return in 20 years 6 or greater

Investment returns to 31 October 2023

Accumulation Returns (net of investment fees and taxes)

Quarter Financial year to date
-8.8% -6.1%


1 year 3 years 5 years 10 years
2.2% 9.2% 6.3% 6.3%

Past performance may not be an indicator of future performance. The investment returns for the quarter and the financial year to date detailed above are real investment returns for the period shown, not annualised or ‘per annum’ returns which may differ from the numbers above.

Investment management fee

0.51%* p.a.

Deducted as part of the daily unit price calculations, and gross of tax deduction.

*For full fees please see our fees page.

Investment managers

AvSuper’s investment portfolio is managed by a carefully selected group of Investment managers and overseen by our Investment Committee. AvSuper uses a range of professional investment managers who specialise in different investment areas to invest members’ money according to specific objectives and strategies (including strategies to guard against excessive risk) set out by the AvSuper Trustee. The Trustee monitors and regularly reviews all investment managers involved with our investments.

Portfolio holdings

Your super or income stream product is made up of multiple underlying assets (called ‘holdings’). Refer to the links below to view how much of the investment option is invested in each asset.

SUPER:     Australian Shares option (PDF) (CSV)
PENSION: Australian Shares option (PDF) (CSV)

Investment Options

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