If you are between 60 and 74 years of age, you can only contribute to your super if you meet the work test. You can declare you meet this work test on our contributions form with each contribution; otherwise you will need to complete the following declaration each financial year you make a super contribution (including if you make contributions via your employer).

Please note that if we do not receive confirmation that you are eligible to receive personal or spouse contributions into your account, any such contributions received during the financial year will be returned to you without interest. Likewise, contributions received more than 28 days after your 75th birthday will also be refunded to you.


work test

Making contributions is a great way to build your super, but have you also thought about how your money is invested?

As an AvSuper member, you can change your investment options at any time (at no charge, via Member Online or a paper form) for your existing balance and/or your future transactions). Call us for information today!

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