Member Online upgrade

Once you have read the following message, please click here to access Member Online.

We are pleased to announce that Member Online has been upgraded!

There should be no interruption to your access to Member Online, but you will notice a different look when you log in. Please refer to the email we sent all members for details of the upgrade.

During the transition (and beyond), we invite you to call, email or AvChat our team as they will be able to access all your account details and answer your questions, including how to log into the new system.

To log into the new site, you will need your member number and current PIN. You will then be asked to set up a new, more secure password.



If you haven’t used Member Online for a while (or ever!), you will need to register to use the new site – simply click on the register button on the Member Online login page. Please ensure you use your full name as per your membership when registering so we can link you to your account.


Phone 1300 128 751 (Local call)