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Each year, we ask a group of members for their feedback so we can improve our services and keep YOUR Fund relevant and useful for you. Early each year, we will share the results of the survey with you, and report on things we’re doing in response to the survey results

2015 – what you told us

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I feel they’re always very good to deal with. I’m sure they’d like to be number one return on each year. Their investments are quite good. They’re always very quick to answer any queries. They’re right up to date with the changes and the investment options. I did go to a presentation that was done by one of their staff recently, I organised for them to come to our workplace and everyone partook and they were very good.

We can ring up from work and get stuff explained to us.

I’m in the defined benefit and the feedback from any accountant or any money person has said that it’s well and truly up there with the best. Extremely helpful and extremely easy to get information from. Always willing to help with questions and things.

 the customer service is absolutely fabulous. The people know the answers to your questions.

when you call up you don’t talk to a machine. There is always someone there to talk to.

Stability. They have been around for along time. They are not the fastest growing but I feel safe. Plus they are an industry based super fund.

I have been with them over twenty years and always had good service. You can ring them direct and ask a silly question and get an answer.

Consistently good performance and good website. Very professional small team.

They are pretty flexible as far as you can move your money around into different categories. They are always at the end of the phone, there is always someone there to help you out. Of all the superannuation schemes I have been in, they are probably the best. You seem to be able to monitor your money, be more in touch with what your money is doing. They give you growth charts.

I had a good experience with one of their reps. He came up to the workplace and had plenty of time for every individual here. The employee they had was very genuine and gave me a great confidence.

They have reasonably good communication, they have good performance on the website, when you log in as a member it’s easy to move your funds around and they are really good in getting in touch with emails which is handy.

They aren’t as good as they could be and the staff turn over is quite high.

Well my experience with Av has been fantastic.

Whenever I contact them I am happy with their responses. They keep me well informed through their emails.

I appreciate the low fees and the range of products available that suit me.

 I have one complaint: their annual reports take too long to get out. I would like to be kept well informed as we go along.

I like them. Their qualities and the way they look after me. The fees. And had some dealings and been good so far. I think they do a good job. Low fees, prompt service and they keep you informed.

Because of their service. I work in a remote location and they take the time to fly out there to talk to the customers and they give close attention to people who are nearing the end of their working career.

Their website and online service is very good. Investment choices are broad. They are always ready to pop in for an online chat to see if they can help.

I think they’re customer focused. The return on investment is at the leading edge or upper end of the scale.

They have maintained their focus on the member. They deliver their services professionally and thoughtfully. They provide successful outcomes.

When I ask a question they give direct answers.

The service provided when I have an enquiry is always a big thing, the site is easily accessed and easily managed and the information in it is pertinent up to date and relevant.


2015 – our responses



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size of fund

One member mentioned:

Just a small organisation. They aren’t huge in my opinion.

It’s true – we aren’t big in terms of members numbers or our team, but we are big on personalised care for our members and in terms of our Funds under management.

 As a small Fund, we can give personalised service and can change in response to member feedback and requests.

Speakers at an Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (AIST) event early in 2015 explained that there is no “difference in investment returns for funds of differing size” and that “as funds become larger they actually lose the flexibility of investment.” Given our long history of strong returns, we prefer to keep going as we are rather than trying to make AvSuper into a huge fund.

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Here’s what three members said about our communications to members:

It would get a 10 if there was a bit more communication

They keep me well informed through their emails.

They give me good reports, I’m not flooded with purposeless information.

All our communications are aimed at helping our members with their super, whether we’re explaining something new, reminding about a deadline or showing options to choose from. From now, we are planning to email our members more often and add more news to our social media profiles, as well as maintaining our quarterly bulletins.




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