As of 12 December 2007, there are new provisions under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing legislation for superannuation funds to identify members prior to making any benefit payments directly to them.

Our forms have been changed to reflect the new arrangements and they explain what you need to do. As we need the original signature of the person certifying the identification material, we can no longer accept faxed payment request forms.

Employers may prefer to print forms from our website or contact us for copies as forms are required, rather than holding stock of forms that occasionally get updated.

Rolling Over Your Super

Since 1 July 2007 there have been proof of identity requirements for members rolling 100% of their benefits between superannuation funds.

Not all funds have updated their forms to reflect this so your request will be processed faster if you use our Rollin whole balance from another super fund rather than forms from the other fund or financial planners.

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