Occupation Classes

AvSuper’s voluntary insurance fees are based in part on your occupation class, meaning that lower risk workers generally pay reduced fees for the same level of cover. Occupation classes are based on what you do as a job and in your personal time (such as hobbies and special interests).

By default, you will pay fees for a light blue collar worker unless you tell us you belong in a different class. If you change jobs or finish a personal interest, you can request a change in occupation class by completing our online change occupation form, a paper Change of occupation class form or contacting us via phone or email.

The four occupation classes we offer for insurance purposes are:

You work indoors (at least 80% of the time) in a sedentary capacity, have a tertiary qualification, belong to a professional institute or are registered by a government body, and earn over $100,000
White collar
Professional pilot OR you work in mainly clerical and administrative duties, mostly indoors and in a sedentary capacity.
Light blue collar
Air Traffic Controller OR you are mainly engaged in light manual duties, you may travel for work but do not deliver goods (e.g. you may be in retail or sales, a computer technician, a supervisor of manual work or a professional with some fieldwork).
Heavy blue collar
Fire fighter OR you predominantly perform manual or heavy manual work (e.g. a cleaner, a labourer, a delivery driver, a storemen, a production worker or a machine operator)
Certain high risk occupations, as determined by the insurer are not eligible for voluntary cover

Unless AvSuper’s insurer agrees, in writing, to cover a specific member the following high risk or dangerous occupations are excluded from AvSuper insurance cover. If you change occupations and think your cover may be excluded, it is important to contact AvSuper and discuss your situation to avoid paying fees when you cannot be covered.

  • working at Earth drilling or mineral exploration
  • miner or person working with explosives
  • police
  • fisher
  • forestry worker
  • offshore oil rig worker
  • professional entertainer such as actor, dancer, musician or stage performer
  • professional or semi-professional sports person
  • seasonal worker
  • employee in an industry with a high level of seasonal or casual workers
  • doorman, bouncer or crowd controller
  • sex worker
  • sheltered workshop employee
  • underground or under water worker
  • worker in the horse racing industry, including a trainer, jockey or strapper
  • worker involving heights such as a rigger, scaffolder, roof worker or antenna erector