Super for Women

It’s unfortunate but true – on average, women have much lower super balances than men and are much more likely to need Government pensions to survive financially after they retire.

Super for Women facts

The Facts

  • a single needs $24,506 a year for a modest retirement lifestyle (retirement standard guidelines)
  • the average woman retires with $157,050 in super (although the average balance for women is $33,750)
  • only 16.4% of women have a super balance above $100,000
  • 33.9% of women aged 65-69 have no super at all
  • Australian women aged 20-60 today can expect to live well into their eighties, which is about 20 years after retirement
  • an estimated 40% of older single women live in poverty and the fastest growing cohort of homeless people is older single women
  • making contributions sooner lets your money work harder for you


Some of the key reasons women have less super are:

  • they have lower average salaries than men
  • they are more likely than men to take career breaks such as parental leave
  • they have more periods of part time work whilst juggling families
  • many women have not been encouraged to be interested in finances – some even believe their husband will provide for them in retirement
  • women could not always contribute to super under previous rules

While the majority of AvSuper members are male, we are keen to help women understand super and empower them to work towards a stronger financial future.The following factsheets are aimed at helping women and their families understand how they can build their super without giving up on things like parental leave.

So read a fact sheet, talk to your family, make a contribution or call us for personalised advice or information on how to make changes – taking action now can make a surprising difference.


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