AvSuper’s profit-for-member approach means all investment decisions are made to benefit members over the long term and help you build your retirement savings in an effective and prudent manner. We use a range of investment managers to ensure members’ money is invested to meet specific objectives and strategies.

As well as investing in specific industries and companies in Australia, international markets (both developed and emerging) can also offer significant investment opportunities. Emerging markets for instance, include about 100 countries which are currently growing and evolving into developed countries, potentially offering long term investment opportunities. Used effectively, emerging markets are useful for adding diversity to a portfolio.

AvSuper recently increased our emerging markets exposure to about 12% of our total international equities portfolio. As part of this change, Genesis Investment Managers has recently been appointed to manage our emerging market portfolio.

Genesis is a global emerging markets equities specialist founded in 1989 and based in London.  They have a long term commitment to emerging markets and an experienced investment team using a bottom-up, fundamental approach to managing investments which has resulted in excellent long-term results for investors.

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