Returns on your super fund monies in volatile markets

AvSuper is committed to maintaining or enhancing the purchasing power of members’ retirement savings. Managing the impact of short term volatility plays an important role in this. However, for us, the most significant risks to your savings are generally related to longer term investment returns. This is why our focus steadfastly remains on whether our investment [...]

2022-06-17T15:09:45+10:0017 June 2022|

Financial needs and preferences in retirement

AvSuper regularly reviews its offer to members to ensure it provides the products, benefits and services you expect. Research to inform A Super Retirement was commissioned by a number of superannuation funds interested in better understanding the unique needs and circumstances of their members. We participated in this important work [...]

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Investment Update – April 2022

Investment update for April 2022 Global equity markets experienced a significant decline during the month of April on the back of the ongoing war in Ukraine, expectations of further increases in interest rates due to high inflation and lockdowns in China. Inflation in the US is at particularly high levels, [...]

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March 2022 investment update

Investment update for March 2022 Global equity markets experienced a rebound during the month of March, despite concerns over rising interest rates, high inflation and the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Nevertheless, over the three-month calendar year to date period, most major equity indices are still exhibiting negative performances. [...]

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2022-23 Federal Budget – key implications for your super

AvSuper summarises the likely impact of the Federal Budget on your super and your retirement. On Tuesday 29th March, the Federal Government released its 2022-23 Budget. We’ve outlined below a summary of the key superannuation related elements of the Budget to help you understand them and any impact they [...]

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EOI Update

At AvSuper we have been busy assessing potential merger partners as well as making changes to insurance as a result of Hannover exiting the market. Here is a short video explaining more about the Expression of Interest (EOI) and the insurance changes. You can also read further details below. [...]

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February 2022 investment update

Investment update for February 2022 In February, the major crisis of Russia invading Ukraine led to a variety of sanctions imposed on Russian exports and assets, and a collapse in the price of Russian equities, bonds and the ruble currency. The corresponding increase in risk aversion led to a decrease [...]

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Investment Update – March 2022

The first few months of 2022 have seen substantial volatility in the financial markets driven by a number of headwinds, including the ongoing effects of  the pandemic,  the geopolitical tensions and conflict in Ukraine and locally natural disasters such as bushfires, hail, and major floods. If you are watching your [...]

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January 2022 investment update

Investment update for January 2022 The spread of Omicron is having a big impact all over the world, however there are signs in some regions that the number of new cases has peaked. During the month, the UK announced that Covid restrictions will end, with mandatory face coverings in public [...]

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