Online Security

AvSuper online (AOL) access

AvSuper members can access details about their accounts, as well as update details and switch investment options, at AvSuper Online (AOL) via our website at any time. AOL is a secure website that requires a member number and password to access.

When you view your information via AOL you can be sure that your information is protected with features such as:

  • The website is encrypted so information cannot be read by anyone if they tried to intercept the data being communicated from the administration system to your computer
  • Your member number and name are not part of the URL on any page when you are logged in (online systems including such information the URL has been known to be vulnerable to hackers)
  • No one can request a withdrawal or transfer of your accumulation or defined benefit money from within AOL – your signature and proof of identity is required. However, Income Stream members can request additional payments within AOL but they will be paid into the member’s usual account – the account details cannot be changed online.

No personal or confidential information about our members or employers is stored on our public site so there is absolutely no risk of a security breach. AOL is on a separate server and URL to our public site so there is no direct access between them, either.

Maintaining security

AvSuper Administration works with a leading global IT company in a pro-active program to ensure our member data is safe. Twice a year, this company performs robust testing of AOL and the technology behind it – including ‘stress testing’ the system by trying to penetrate it. Regular communications keep us in touch with hacking techniques as they develop so that our system can be adjusted as necessary.

What you can do

It is important to treat your password as confidential information and not disclose it to anybody or leave it accessible to others. If you believe someone has obtained your password or accessed your account, please notify us immediately and change your password as soon as possible.

We recommend that you change your password periodically – and avoid using anything obvious such as your birthdate or phone number.

To change your password, log into AOL, click on ‘manage password’ in the drop down settings menu (at the top of the screen) to set a new password. Your password must

  • be between 8 and 32 characters long
  • contain at least 1 upper case alphabetic character
  • contain at least 1 lower case alphabetic character
  • contain at least 1 symbol
  • contain at least 1 numeric character

If you have any concerns about AOL or your AvSuper account, please contact us on 1300 128 751.