Statement of AvSuper Investment Beliefs

The following beliefs guide AvSuper’s Investment Committee when making decisions about our investment portfolio.

Investment mission

AvSuper’s investment purpose is to deliver long term real investment returns to provide a retirement income to Fund members and enable them to enhance their financial security in retirement.

This investment purpose is delivered through a set of core investment beliefs, which are our guiding principles when setting our investment strategies and making investment decisions.

Clear Investment Objectives

AvSuper will describe its investment products to members by specifying the expected risk and return characteristics of each Member Investment Choice (MIC) option and retirement product

Competitive Positioning

We will primarily focus on achieving our investment mission and investment risk and return objectives, with consideration of peer practice, positioning and regulatory risks being a secondary consideration.

Investment Risk and Risk Management

It is necessary for AvSuper to take investment risk in order to achieve its investment objectives.

Investment Implementation

Effective Investment Implementation is important to the success of the investment process.

Investment management

Active investment management strategies can add value but this can vary across markets, asset classes and over time.

Illiquid Assets

Less liquid assets are expected, over the long term, to provide a return premium over listed assets which more than compensates for their lower liquidity and other risks.

Environmental, Social and Governance factors

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors and risks impact the achievement of long term investment return objectives and are an important consideration.

Governance and decision-making

Strong investment governance is critical to the achievement of our investment objectives and investment success.