As a profit-for-members super fund, AvSuper is always working on ways to deliver better value and improve the quality of our products and services for our members.

It is therefore with great pleasure that I inform you that we have reduced our administration fees for all Income Stream members!

Nobody likes fees, especially when you are in retirement – which is why we like to keep ours low. Lower fees means more money in your account and your super will be able to go further in retirement.Couple on runway with arms extended like wings

It’s all good news for your income stream account. Effective from 1 July 2017, the percentage based element of your administration fee was cut from 0.23% per annum to 0.18% per annum. That represents a 20% reduction in the fees you will pay for the administration of your account!

At AvSuper we don’t consider fees in isolation. AvSuper is in a very strong financial position and we’ve worked hard to improve the efficiency of our administration services to be able to return the cost savings we’ve made to you, in accordance with our profit-for-members philosophy.

If you have any questions about this change, or any other aspect of your income stream account, please contact our Member Advice Team on 1300 128 751, by email or through AvChat.


Michelle Wade
Chief Executive Officer

Phone 1300 128 751 (Local call)