Active Retirement

Having an active and satisfying retirement

October 2018

Retirement is a different life stage that can take some getting used to. While we can help you manage your finances in the lead up to and throughout retirement, these tips we’ve picked up along the way may also help you to make the most of this phase.

Keep in touch

Know what’s going on and what’s available to you

As well as keeping up with rules surrounding the Age Pension and income streams (IS), keep in mind there are plenty of resources created to support people retiring (or reaching your age) for the first time – like you! Some good places to look at include National Seniors Australia, COTA and My Aged Care.

Remember, we will keep you informed about changes or developments in IS rules through our website. You can also contact us at any time with questions, or make an appointment for your annual financial checkup.

Don’t abandon your industry connections

Just because you’ve retired doesn’t mean your skills and knowledge have disappeared, so keep in touch with your industry! This may include reading newsletters and websites, giving old colleagues the occasional call or attending industry-related events (like airshows and fly overs for the aviation industry).

Stay connected to other people

Without your work routine, it can take some planning to generally get out there and regularly interact with a range of people. Joining a community group is a great way to find people and things to do. Check your local council website for groups in your area, and the noticeboard at your local library for groups and activities. Volunteering can provide some great opportunities to mix with people, like volunteering to tutor English to new migrants or visiting socially-isolated people. Of course, the internet offers plenty of scope for interaction as well, through sites such as The Meeting Place.

Stay active

There are clear health benefits to keeping active and being stimulated. Get out and do things – don’t just sit at home. Try walking, cycling, swimming, golf, or flying a kite.

Often you can make moving around social as well, by finding a group or joining a class. Keep an eye out for tai chi, yoga, walking groups, etc. Volunteering can also boost your activity, with varying degrees of social contact. Consider gardening at local school/kinder, being a tour guide for the city or a local museum or walking a neighbour’s dog.

Enjoy a hobby

Spend more time on an existing hobby, pick up an old one or try something new! If you’re looking for inspriation, the Clubs of Australia directory may help you find local groups dedicated to sharing your interest.

Share what you know, and learn some more

After those years of living and working, you probably know a lot so why not share it with others? Volunteer at local community centre or neighbourhood house, and keep an eye out for opportunities to talk to local groups, such as scouts, schools, sports clubs, and even junior aviation clubs.

On the other hand, now you may finally have time to learn more about something that’s always (or recently) grabbed your interest. Adult Learning Australia has a useful directory of course providers in your area by local community centres and other not-for-profit providers. University of the Third Age organisations are also a useful resource.

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