Adding another $20 to Your Super

Retirement seems a long way off and you want to live well now – fair enough. But did you know even little bits put into super now can have a big impact on your retirement lifestyle, without really impacting your current lifestyle?

What good is a little contribution?

$20 might not sound like much, but $20 here and $20 there starts to add up over time. Especially when invested in something like super where you earn interest on your interest (compound earnings is the technical term).

Just looking at the simple maths, adding $20 a week to your super means an extra $1,040 a year or $31,200 in 30 years. And that’s without adding in any interest or allowing for any potential tax or Government incentives.

Is adding a little worth the effort?

Well, adding a little makes a long term impact you could be really grateful for when you retire. So there are definitely benefits. And the more you can add, the greater the benefits, especially over long periods of time.

And it doesn’t actually take much effort to make a contribution. Simply do an online bank transfer to AvSuper’s account, using your member number as the reference – you can even set up a regular transfer so future contributions take no effort at all. Then let us know you made a contribution by using our online form (or a paper based form if you really want to!)

Your contributions will be listed within AvSuper Online so you can check your balance at any time.

But I want my lifestyle now!

That’s only natural – you want to use your money now and enjoy your life as much as you can.

Yet it really is true that  $20 a week can make a difference to your future. And you can spare $20 without losing much from your lifestyle, can’t you? Let’s think of some examples…

  • Buy four $15 bottles of wine instead of four $20 bottles and you’ve saved another $20 without forgoing a drop or two.
  • Take lunch to work instead of buying it a couple of times a week and you’ll make $20 a month easily.
  • Pay to download a movie to watch with friends instead of going to the cinema.
  • A bit of walking or bike riding to local places (or the train station) will save petrol or taxi money.
  • What would you save by keeping your current working phone instead of upgrading to the latest model?

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