Making an AvSuper Insurance Claim

Making an insurance claim for yourself or a death benefit claim for a loved one requires following a process.

While we do our best to keep these processes simple and help you complete the steps, please be aware that there are legal requirements that must be met so the process may take longer than anyone would wish. Therefore, we suggest notifying us as soon as possible to get the process started, even if some information is delayed.

The death claim process

When an AvSuper member dies, their superannuation account (and any insurance entitlements) is distributed to their beneficiaries as a death benefit.

We try to simplify the process of distributing a deceased member’s superannuation to their legal beneficiaries. We understand it is not an easy time and offer our condolences to you if you have recently lost someone close.

Generally, one person (such as the executor of the estate) will contact us about the death and collate much of the necessary information. Please read our Death Benefit Claim Guide or contact us to discuss the process and request the appropriate forms.

Once we have all relevant information, we will assess the claim, taking into account any beneficiary nominations made by the member and details of all potential beneficiaries. We will inform all beneficiaries and claimants of our decision, giving you 28 days to respond or request a review.

Payment(s) will then be made, usually as a lump sum.

Insurance claims

Eligibility for an insurance payment depends on meeting the relevant terms and conditions (as outlined in our Member Insurance Guide) and details of any previous payments.

If you believe you are eligible for an insurance claim, please contact us to discuss the claim process.

Once we know the type of claim you are making, we can provide you with the appropriate forms and details of the required supporting evidence.

We will assess your claim when we have all the relevant information – if anything is missing we will ask you for it. Your claim will also be assessed by our insurer.

If your claim is accepted, you will be notified in writing and payment will be made (or commenced in the case of TTD or income protection payments).

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This information is of a general nature only and does not take into account your personal objectives, situation or needs. Before making a decision about AvSuper, you should consider your own requirements and the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Target Market Determination (TMD). For a copy call us or visit the AvSuper website, AvSuper Pty Ltd (ABN 46 050 431 797, AFSL 239078) is the Trustee of the AvSuper Fund (ABN 84 421 446 069). FS3000.5 02.2021