December 2018 investment update

Investment update for December 2018 Global risk-off sentiment intensifies Global financial markets reached record highs and experienced material lows in 2018. Over the course of the year, many geopolitical developments shook the markets, including US-China trade tensions, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) rebranding, US mid-term elections, the pace [...]

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November 2018 investment update

Investment update for November 2018 Australian economic outlook increasingly positive Equity market conditions were again challenging in November after the sharp sell-off in October. However, equities rallied during the final week of the month buoyed by the prospect of improving trade between the US and China, and the Fed’s softening [...]

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October 2018 investment update

Investment update for October 2018 A solid global economic environment weathers some market volatility Financial markets experienced a large increase in volatility in October. Like the market correction in February, the market movements appeared to be triggered by an increase in the US 10-year bond yield, expectations of accelerating US [...]

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September 2018 investment update

Investment update for September 2018 Global signs of slowdown amid trade tensions In September, global business conditions were at their lowest level since November 2016, after an export trade downturn negatively affected production, orders and employment. The most notable weakening was in new export orders, which fell for the first [...]

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August 2018 investment update

Investment update for August 2018 US GDP growth surges and inflationary pressure builds In August, US GDP growth surged to 4.1% which is the strongest seen in 2018.  Major contributors to growth were domestic consumption and net exports, while inventories detracted value.  Non-residential fixed investments contributed strong results during the [...]

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July 2018 investment update

Investment update for July 2018 Regulations mitigate Australian housing risks as investor demand slows Amid President Trump’s protectionist stance, Europe and Japan signed a significant free trade deal to eliminate nearly all tariffs, sending a message against protectionism. This trade deal is approximately one-third of the world’s gross domestic product [...]

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June 2018 investment update

Investment update for June 2018 Trade tensions continue Looking back over the financial year, the global economy has improved considerably. Business and consumer confidence are at high levels and unemployment rates globally have steadily declined. As a result, central bank policies are slowly shifting away from years of low interest [...]

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May 2018 investment update

Investment update for May 2018 Improved economic conditions around the world With improved economic conditions around the world, unemployment rates continue to trend downwards globally, and central banks are now dealing with stronger economic growth. Geopolitical risks remain a concern. With increasing oil prices, political woes, financial volatility and trade [...]

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April 2018 investment update

Investment update for April 2018 Global growth continues to be strong In April, business conditions and sentiments remained positive while tight labour markets continued to sustain wage inflation in countries such as the US.  The US Federal Reserve kept the rate unchanged at 1.5%-1.75% in its recent meeting.  Business conditions [...]

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March 2018 investment update

Investment update for March 2018 Market overview In Australia, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) maintained its unchanged monetary policy stance at an eighteenth meeting (for a record 20 months on hold). On the one hand the global economy is strong, Australian business conditions remain robust, employment growth is strong [...]

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