December 2019 investment update

Investment update for December 2019 A year of geopolitical risks and slowing growth concludes with positive returns Following the de-escalation of the US-China trade dispute and improved investor sentiment, international equity markets produced positive returns in December. The UK equity market benefited from the increased Brexit certainty that followed the [...]

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November 2019 investment update

Investment update for November 2019 Increased commodity prices help Australian resources Globally, central banks continued to maintain a dovish stance on monetary policy. International equities produced positive returns in November to continue the strong performance in 2019. This was supported by renewed optimism with the US and China phase one [...]

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October 2019 investment update

Investment update for October 2019 Continuing record low interest rates squeeze major banks As with the year to date overall, international equities produced strong positive returns in October. Global central banks continued to provide more monetary policy support. News that the US and China may soon strike a “Phase One [...]

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September 2019 investment update

Investment update for September 2019 Slow global economic growth dominates Following the volatility in August, investment markets were more stable in September. Equity markets produced positive growth and continued the strong returns of this year, while trade tensions remained and further slowed global economic growth. Continued low inflation prompted easing [...]

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August 2019 investment update

Investment update for August 2019 Bond yields at record lows across many countries Further escalation of trade tensions contributed to a sharp decline in equity markets early in August. Although markets did gradually recover some of the losses, equity markets were moderately negative across the globe. The UK was particularly [...]

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July 2019 investment update

Investment update for July 2019 US-China & Brexit uncertainties continue alongside slow growth Share markets were generally positive in July. Chinese equities was one of the few markets to fall over the month, amid ongoing concern over the trade dispute. Australian small caps outperformed in the month, while resources produced [...]

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June 2019 investment update

Investment update for June 2019 A year of slowdown, trade tension and shifting monetary policy Over the financial year, there was an overall slowdown of global economic growth, particularly in Europe, Japan and China, with global trade and manufacturing activity slowing notably. Heightened trade tension was a key issue throughout [...]

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May 2019 investment update

Investment update for May 2019 More slow growth stirs uncertainty Global economic growth continued to slow down, and international trade remained weak. The US outlook softened in May with slowing investment and fewer new orders in manufacturing and services. European economic conditions showed some signs of improvement. Ongoing trade concerns [...]

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April 2019 investment update

Investment update for April 2019 Central banks set to turn slowing global growth around Amid benign inflation and slowing global growth, central banks maintained accommodative monetary policies over April, and equity markets strengthened. Positive economic data pushed government bond yields up in most markets.  Australian government bond yields were an [...]

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March 2019 investment update

Investment update for March 2019 Global growth continued to slow Equity markets were accommodated by supportive central bank policies and the de-escalation in US/China trade tensions. Over the financial year to date, the US and Chinese equity markets generated solid returns, while Australia was soft, and the UK and Japanese [...]

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