May 2021 investment update

Investment update for May 2021 Higher than expected inflation data surprised markets In May, the strain on the India’s health system and economy, following a surge in COVID-19 cases, highlighted the need for swift global vaccination rollouts. Inflation data surprised markets over the month. Equity markets finished slightly positive by [...]

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April 2021 investment update

Investment update for April 2021 Recovery continues in Australian economy and labour markets despite vaccination delays The global economy continues to recover with GDP rebounding, as vaccine rollouts progress and restrictions start to ease. Industrial production and business fixed investment has improved. Manufacturing and services Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) surveys [...]

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March 2021 investment update

Investment update for March 2021 Optimism supported by US$1.9 trillion stimulus package Continued hopes for an ongoing, rapid economic rebound, buoyed risk assets over the month, with world equities up around 5%. Data continued to show that economic activity is recovering. For instance, trade data showed the international movement of [...]

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February 2021 investment update

Investment update for February 2021 COVID-19 vaccines improve investor and consumer sentiments Equity markets finished slightly positive by end of February. Over the month, a sharp increase in government bond yields was a concern for markets in the US and Australia. However, successful vaccination programs commencing around the globe—particularly in [...]

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January 2021 investment update

Investment update for January 2021 Stimulus continues to combat global COVID-19 economic impacts Equity markets began strongly in January, but those returns had dissipated by month end. Developed markets were a small negative for the month and Australian equities provided a small positive return. Driven by strong returns in China, [...]

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December 2020 investment update

Investment update for December 2020 Recoveries continue after the economic hits of 2020 International equity markets maintained their strength into 2021. The US equity market rose but underperformed relative to the broad world equity market index this month. Economic conditions in the US remained strong in December 2020, with the [...]

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November 2020 investment update

Investment update for November 2020 Australia's economic recovery continues Despite worsening global COVID-19 case numbers and lockdown measures reinstated by more countries, global equity markets rallied strongly over November, following promising news of three vaccines (Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, and AstraZeneca/Oxford). The US Presidential results had less impact on markets than expected [...]

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September 2020 investment update

Investment update for September 2020 The recovery of global equity markets showed signs of slowing in September, following a long period of steady gains since late March. A resurgence of COVID-19 cases across developed markets, the continued uncertainty around virus containment and a vaccine has weighed on investor sentiment. In [...]

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August 2020 investment update

Investment update for August 2020 Australian recession confirmed Global equity markets produced strong gains over August with developed markets continuing to rebound from post-COVID-19 lows. In the US, the NASDAQ and S&P500 rallied 9.6% and 7.0% respectively. The NASDAQ (and Technology sector more broadly) is now comfortably at all-time highs. [...]

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July 2020 investment update

Investment update for July 2020 Some rebounding evident in cautiously managed global economy Global equity markets produced disparate performance in the month of July. The US and China produced large positive returns, while the UK, Japan and Europe were negative for the month. Australian equities produced a small positive return, [...]

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