Check all super related SMS messages

We have been informed that there are some spam messages being sent to super fund members at the moment. These messages appear to be from the ATO or a super fund and provide a link for you to click for immediate action. Please do not click on any links in [...]

2022-02-07T13:59:14+11:001 September 2021|

Super scam warning

Whilst most of us are staying at home and doing the right things, there are some unscrupulous people trying to take advantage of the current pandemic. With additional early release laws to help people during COVID-19, we want to remind our members to be vigilant with your online security and [...]

2022-02-07T16:55:34+11:0029 April 2020|

Women and men – a super difference

The gender gap is still clear when it comes to superannuation, with latest data from the ABS* showing that on average, men retire with 80% more superannuation savings than women. That’s a big difference, a difference that makes it more likely for women to have to rely on Government pensions [...]

2022-02-07T17:20:51+11:0020 September 2016|