Happy New Year from everyone at AvSuper – we wish you a prosperous and rewarding year.

You may already know that 2012 is the year of the dragon (in the Chinese calendar) as well as the year of the farmer, of reading and, of course, the XXX Olympic Summer Games in London.

In line with these themes for 2012, our aim this year is to help you “go for gold” and to prepare some golden, powerful retirements through consistent effort – using the power of dragons, the consistency and determination of Olympians and a farmer’s knowledge of reaping what you sow.

Being January, we invite you to join us in working for gold throughout 2012. We’ll give you ideas in the coming months but for now could any of these become your new year’s resolution for your financial future?

  • consistent growth of knowledge – decide to learn more about investments and super this year whether you prefer to attend seminars, read fact sheets or get personalised advice
  • keep on with consistent effort no matter what – investment markets go up and down but that is not necessarily a reason to stop making contributions to your super account. Making many small contributions sometimes produces much better results than one or two bigger contributions even during volatile times
  • measure consistently – don’t just wait for your annual statement to see how your super is doing. You can log into AOL (AvSuper Online) at any time so why not make that a monthly activity? Read our investment update for the bigger picture then look at your account

As we gear up for the olympics, and a multitude of ‘go for gold’ yells, think about how you can work for gold in your retirement.

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