AvSuper has both male and female members and we encourage both groups to think about their super as a long term investment. It is a fact that women have less super on average than men and many women still feel overwhelmed by financial decisions. It’s also a fact that things have changed a lot in the last 30 or so years, with greater numbers of women in paid work and more financial rights. So we are pleased to support research into learning how Australian women make financial decisions.

What influences women’s decision making?


How do Australian women manage money? It’s time to find out…

RMIT and La Trobe University are conducting research into women’s experiences with managing money. The research includes collecting information from as many women as possible in a 15 minute online survey. The RMIT website explains more about the research as well as hosting the survey itself. Through our association with Women in Super (WIS), including our CEO being the Chair of WIS ACT, we encourage AvSuper women and our members’ female friends, colleagues and networks to support this research survey.

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