AvSuper is governed by a Trustee (AvSuper Pty Ltd) which has a Board of Directors. As a profit-for-members Fund, the Trustee’s sole purpose is to ensure AvSuper is run and managed for the benefit of members. The Board consists of eight Trustee Directors, equally representing AvSuper members and employers.Four Trustee Directors are nominated by the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) as Member Representatives and four Trustee Directors are appointed by Airservices Australia (the Principal Employer) as Employer Representatives. All nominated Directors are then required to undergo a detailed review process conducted by the Trustee to determine that they are “fit and proper” for the role, as defined by legislation, ahead of their appointment to the Trustee Board of Directors.

In April 2008, Mr Alan Barber resigned his position as Employer Representative Trustee Director, and Ms Denise Allen was subsequently appointed by Airservices Australia.

Denise has vast experience in the managed investments industry, a strong business and strategic background and experience dealing with people at every level. She will be a valuable addition to AvSuper’s Trustee, assisting in ensuring all decisions made about your superannuation are made with your best interests in mind.

On your behalf, the AvSuper Trustee Board and I would like to congratulate Denise on her appointment and wish her well in this role.

David Leggo

AvSuper Pty Ltd

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