Member Updates

As an AvSuper member, you will receive regular email updates to keep you informed about your super, including any changes to AvSuper or legislation. If you are not receiving the update, you can log into AOL (AvSuper Online), email us or call us to give us your current email address.

Our most recent updates are available from this page – just click on the date to see or save a copy.

  • May 2021 – Co-contribution reminder
  • May 2021 – Federal Government’s 2021-22 Budget superannuation related items
  • April 2021 – April Member update – stock market, new staff, making contributions, AOL
  • March 2021 – Early retirement information
  • July 2020 – Electronic identification verification, AvSuper insurance for COVID-19
  • July 2020 – Member satisfaction survey – your opportunity to tell us what you thought of our service
  • May 2020 – Market movements update
  • March 2020 – AvSuper COVID-19 update
  • February 2020 – Reminder on keeping insurance cover, living overseas notice, Cash investments
  • December 2019 – Holiday hours, account security, member satisfaction results, partial SG opt out
  • October 2019
  • July 2019 – Reduced investment fees, extended work test for early retirees, keep insurance cover, simpler ID checks, returns
  • November 2018 – Annual statements, investment returns and commentary
  • July 2018 – Quarterly investment returns, quarterly investment update, Is an AvSuper Income Stream of benefit?

Updates dedicated to our (current and prospective) income stream members are also sent out.