Trustee of AvSuper Fund ABN: 84 421 446 069
Accumulation USI: 84421446069001
 Income Stream USI: 84421446069002

AvSuper announces Memorandum of Understanding with
Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation

The AvSuper Difference


8.34% pa

10 year annualised return for Growth option
as at 31 March 2022*

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* Net of investment fees and taxes

+ 0.19% pa

Administration fee
(subject to a maximum of $1000)

Your Future Your Super (YFYS)

Why did AvSuper underperform?

02 September, 2021
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Returns on your super fund monies in volatile markets

AvSuper is committed to maintaining or enhancing the purchasing power of members’ retirement savings. Managing the impact of short term volatility plays an important role in this. However, for us, the most significant risks to your savings are generally related to longer term investment returns. This is why our focus steadfastly remains on whether our investment [...]

17 June 2022|

Investment Update – May 2022

Investment update for May 2022 While global equity markets ended the month of May broadly flat, key events such as the ongoing war in Ukraine, monetary policy tightening and COVID-19 restrictions in China continue to have an impact on overall market sentiment. China equities produced a solid positive return in [...]

17 June 2022|

Financial needs and preferences in retirement

AvSuper regularly reviews its offer to members to ensure it provides the products, benefits and services you expect. Research to inform A Super Retirement was commissioned by a number of superannuation funds interested in better understanding the unique needs and circumstances of their members. We participated in this important work [...]

3 June 2022|