Employer contributions

Read How to make contributions below for important information about making contributions, including bank details and the specific information that must be submitted with contributions. 

Use the Employer contributions form below if you are an employer making a contribution into an AvSuper account. This form allows for up to four employees – please contact us if you wish to contribute for more employees.

How to make contributions

Under superannuation guarantee legislation (SG), you generally will need to contribute at least 10% of each eligible employee’s earnings* to your default super fund (or their nominated super fund) each quarter. Some awards or employment agreements may require you to pay more (or more often) so you may need to check the conditions for all of your employees.

AvSuper employers can make the following contributions for our members at any time:

  • Employer contributions (SG and higher rates)
  • Salary sacrifice contributions
  • Member voluntary (after tax) contributions

Please let us know of all contributions to AvSuper using our online form (lower on this page) or by email including the following information:

  • Company details (including ABN and contact details please)
  • Member name(s) and address
  • Member date of birth
  • Member number(s)
  • Details of contributions (e.g. employer, salary sacrifice)
  • Period contributions cover

Contributions made without clear notification of how they are to be allocated to member(s) may delay contribution processing times and potentially result in a  refund which could impact on meeting your superannuation guarantee obligations. You can read more about the Super Stream reporting requirements in our factsheet, noting that this is legally required for all employers.

Direct deposit details

Please make contributions via direct deposit (details below) – note that since 1 January 2015 legislation prevents us from accepting cheque payments.

Account name               AvSuper Fund

BSB                                 062-000

Account number          1997-4688

Bank                               CBA

*Earnings refers to the ordinary time earnings (the total amount an employee earns during their usual working hours, which may include items such as bonuses, commissions, loadings and allowances).

Employer details

Contribution details

Total amount paid: $

Pay Period that contribution relates to:

Employee details

The following details are required under SuperStream legislation.

Payment Reference

This form will generate a Payment Reference Number for you to use when making your EFT payment. The number will be shown after you submit the form and in your email confirmation.

Member Details
Member Address*
Payment Details

First Total: $

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