Member Investment Choice

If you have an AvSuper accumulation or income stream account, you can choose how your super savings are invested. This gives you the ability to influence your investment exposure to suit your risk tolerance and situation.

There is no charge to making an investment choice with AvSuper. This is called switching and is as easy as logging into AOL (AvSuper Online) or completing the appropriate form:

You can even have your existing balance and future contributions (or income stream drawdowns) distributed the same way or differently – the choice is yours!

Investment Options

There are nine investment options to choose from, and you can choose more than one investment option for your money if you prefer.

A summary of the options’ objectives, strategies and risk profiles is available in the Member investment choice table.

Choosing investment options

The best option(s) for you will depend on your investment objectives, your investment timeframe, your age, your attitude to investment risk and your personal circumstances. We recommend you read our Investment Guide and consider the options carefully. AvSuper provides members with financial advice and planning assistance through our Member Advice Consultants to help you with your choice.

The degree of fluctuation in returns will depend on the investment option(s) you select and their performance. The same unit price is used for buying units (when money is received) and selling units (such as when super is withdrawn).

If you don’t make an investment choice, your money will be invested in our default investment options according to your membership type. The default for accumulation members is the Growth (MySuper) option and for Income Stream members the default is a blend of the Balanced Growth and Cash options*.

AvSuper investment options are unitised and each investment option has a unit price set each business day to reflect investment earnings and market changes.

You can make an investment choice (or switch between options with no additional fees) by completing a Nominate or switch investment options form or logging into AOL. Switches can be edited or cancelled only if requested online and modified prior to 4pm (Sydney time). Any investment option changes will be processed using the unit prices set at close of business of that day.

Defined Benefit Members

AvSuper’s defined benefit category is employer sponsored and your account balance is based on a multiple of your final average salary (FAS). As such, defined benefit members do not have investment choice.

*For Income Streams opened prior to 1 July 2015, the default was the Growth option.