Growing Your Super

To maximise your super in the aim of having enough money to fund your retirement, you need to add money to your super account.

Super is a long term investment and while investment returns are an important aspect of growing your super, it is important to take action to ensure your super grows sufficiently to reach your financial goals.


Make personal contributions as it all helps – and up to $1,000 could earn you a Government co-contribution (eligibility rules apply)


Salary sacrifice is a tax effective option for many people – the money is contributed from your pay pre-tax before you can spend it!


Choose an investment option to suit your needs then review it periodically (forgetting to allow for changed circumstances can have a big impact over time)


Moving super into one account may save on fees, time and paperwork – of course, consider exit fees and the loss of member benefits


Making contributions into your account may entitle your spouse to a tax offset of up to $540 – or you could try for the offset


Employer contributions in your spouse’s account can be split (moved) into your account at the end of any financial year