Making Personal and Spouse Contributions

Personal contributions can be made at any time from your after-tax salary (or your untaxed income if you are self-employed). Making personal contributions may qualify you for the Government Co-contribution or a tax deduction.

If making a personal or spouse contribution electronically, please let us know about it by completing the contributions form below. Alternatively, you can print and complete a paper version of the contributions form and mail it to us (with cheque attached if applicable).

Lump sum payments can be made via cheque (payable to the AvSuper Fund), your employer, BPAY (get your personal reference number from within AOL) or direct deposit to our bank account.

Account name AvSuper Fund
BSB 062-000
Account number 1997-4688
Reference your member number

You should also be aware that there are Contributions Limits in place that may limit the level of contributions you may make without tax penalties.

Personal contributions claimed as a tax deduction by eligible members become concessional contributions. Note that to claim a tax deduction, you must complete the  Australian Tax Office’s (ATO) intent to claim or vary a deduction for personal contributions form.

Please note that we can only accept personal contributions if

  • we have your Tax File Number (TFN). You can give us your TFN at any time by completing an AvSuper Tax File Notification form.
  • your one-off contribution is below the prescribed threshold for voluntary (non-concessional) contributions

Spouse contributions can only be made if your spouse is under 75 and otherwise meets the above criteria.

If we are aware of any of the above criteria not being met, your personal/spouse contributions (or excess contributions) will be returned to you without interest.

Defined Benefit Members
In addition to making contributions to your defined benefit account, you may also make contributions to an accumulation account. Please refer to the guide for Defined Benefit Corporate (full) members for more information.

Member investment choice
Your contributions will automatically be invested according to your previously nominated investment option(s) for future transactions or in the AvSuper Growth (MySuper) option if you haven’t made a choice.

If you wish to change how your money is invested, you can do so via AOL or complete our nominate or switch investment option form after reading our Investment Guide

Tax deductions may apply to personal contributions